About the Mess Makers

Speaking of my Mess Makers. I have (almost!) five of them. They are messy. And I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Most of my blabbering here is about their cuteness, sweetness and naughtiness, not necessarily in that order.

Braden is our oldest. He is our baseball player, and he loves following Mississippi State University baseball and football. He was born in our college town, and his first 14 months of life there made him a die hard fan. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

Annalise is our middle child. Annalise loves doing hair makeovers with friends. She totally digs home renovation shows and finding things on Pinterest with me. She is the second little mommy around here. She will be a great babysitter some day!

Waverly is third kiddo in the house. She is the wild child of the family. Not until Waverly, did we have a climber or a quiet little escape artist. Baby gates were a joke, as she would dive head first over them landing in a handstand and run away from us laughing.

Caleb is kid number four, adoption number one. He joined the clan of Mess Makers at 12.5 months old, but you’d think he’d been here since Day One. He is still a toddler, but in true “I have many older siblings” fashion, he thinks he’s at least 6 years old. He totally cracks me up. When I’m hollering at the other kids to come down for dinner or to clean their rooms, Caleb lets out a, “NOW!!!!” to let them all know I mean business. Lord help us.

Caston is technically our youngest. His current address lists China, but that will change in the spring of 2016 when Kevin and I travel to China to bring him home to the chaos. We’ve been looking at his sweet face since late August 2015, and we are ready to hug him, squeeze him, and call him George. (It’s a family joke. Just laugh politely and go with it.)

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