About Mommy

Hey, y’all. I’m Mommy. At least that’s what I answer to most of the time. Variations are Mom, Moooooooom, Mother, and MOMMMMM (in a growly, angered voice), and when I don’t answer to those, my five little Mess Makers sometimes call me Brandie. And yes, I am named after the 70’s song by Looking Glass. I did fulfill the prophecy of being a good wife, but I missed my calling as an oceanside bartender.

I met my sweet husband Kevin in college at Mississippi State University. We got married in our college town and lived there until our first born was a year old. We’ve been moving ever since for Kevin’s job. Our gypsy adventures have landed us in Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Illinois and Ohio again. Much to the dismay of our parents, relocating has diluted our good ol’ southern accents and has resulted in our offspring sounding like mini midwesterners who say things like “soda” and “you guys.”

I am a stay at home mom who has an extensive Pinterest account filled with ideas that will never come to fruition. I have no reclaimed wood lying around, but I do on some level believe that mason jars and burlap and baking soda are the answer to most of the world’s problems. Related: I am still in search of the perfect shower cleaner. I fear it only exists for those who pay a housekeeper.

I love to cook, and I was put on this earth to plan birthday parties for my kids. The beauty that results from cardstock, glue dots and fondant covered cake is almost too much for my eyes to bear.


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