We didn’t have an early morning appointment today, so we took advantage of a lazy morning. Zhou showed up at our room around 9:45 to make sure we were ok. He played with the kids and chatted while Kevin did laundry and I stood there putting on makeup. He truly is just one of us. 

The guys were invited to an impromptu game of hacky sack, and later Braden and I jumped in and did some tai chi with a group of people in the park. 

Braden is still doing well with the ladies here. 

Caleb played with a group of kids for a good half hour. A man had a bubble gun, and they had so much fun chasing the bubbles.

Here we are posing in front of the Pearl River. Several people stopped to take our picture too!

This is getting out of hand. 

After lunch and naps, we went for a walk through several market areas.

The guys had to try some squid on a stick. No thanks!

Then we went to a temple and saw a huge collection of Buddhas. It was beautiful!

On the way back, we got caught in a storm, and we had to run back to the hotel in the rain. We laughed the whole way back. Except for Caston…he was not too sure about us after that experience!

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