I love this picture of Caston. Laid back on the way to breakfast!

Today, we went to Zhongshan Mountain. It was a fun little hike that brought us to an amazing view of Nanjing. When we got to the top, I was scolded in Chinese by several grandmothers because a couple of inches of Caston’s flesh was exposed on both legs. Babies must always stay covered! It was a nice breezy day, and I think we all appreciated a break from the heat. Little did the grandmas know that because Caston was in the carrier, we had a nice layer of sticky, sweaty clothes in between us. Baby boy was not cold! I just acted surprised that he was exposed, smiled, and said, “Xie xie! Xie xie!” thanking them for their concern.

Braden had an absolute blast. He became the center of many girls’ (and women’s) attention. Once he paused for a picture with one, they started coming in droves, lining up to take a picture with the American boy. “So handsome!” they all said, and we were all laughing so much that my face hurt. He exchanged WeChat ids with a couple of college girls.” WHAT?! It was hilarious. 

After his moments of fame, we headed back down to the bus and went back to the hotel. The babies needed a quick nap before we left for the airport. 
When we boarded the flight, I prayed for peace and happiness for the littles and for no ear pain. They both were amazing on the two hour flight from Nanjing to Guangzhou. We arrived at the Victory Hotel pretty late that evening, and we finally got the boys settled around 11:00 pm. 


Tomorrow morning, we will go to Caston’s medical appointment, a required step in order to get his visa to travel home. 

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