Today, we did a whole lot of nothing, and it took all day to do it. After breakfast, we left for the train station. We took a 75 minute train ride from Nanjing to Xuzhou.The boys did great! They slept almost the entire time. 

After we got settled in our hotel and had lunch, we went for a walk around the resort. 

It’s really beautiful here. We saw many brides getting pictures made.

After dinner, Braden and I walked around looking at the lights.

Caston is really starting to open up more day by day. He is laughing at us now and trying to engage us in play. This little guy may not be walking yet, but he can scoot all over the place with his bear crawl! He is pretty fast! Like Caleb, he loves those stacking cups and balloons. 

My blogs are short and sweet these days. By the time everyone is tucked in bed, I can hardly keep my eyes open! So with that, goodnight. Tomorrow, we will visit the orphanage here, where Caston lived for one month, and Caleb lived for over a year. 

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