Today was our second visit to the civil affairs office for the purpose of finalizing Caston’s adoption. Before we left, all the boys caught up on some tv.

I’m not sure what Caleb’s look means.

A) Where is the air conditioning, China?

B) What do you mean we’re keeping him?

We sealed our signatures with red thumbprints.Caston is now officially a Phillips!

While the babies napped, Kevin and Braden rented bikes and toured the area. I stayed back and worked on laundry. 

Later that afternoon, we went to the hotel  playroom. The boys had a blast!

Finally, tonight I was able to put the babies in these adorable matching jammies.

So stinking cute!!!

Tomorrow, we will take the bullet train to Xuzhou to visit the orphanage. 

One thought on “Back to China: Day 6

  1. Cuter than cute.
    Yup. . . I suspected he’d worry he’s being traded back… be careful with his visiting his old digs. He might need extra clinging.

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