Today was Baby Day! 

We started off our morning with breakfast and then took Caleb to the hotel playroom.

I love it, Holiday Inn–You’re saying what every mom thinks. Please take care of your kids. I want to steal this and post it at the Chick-Fil-A play area. 

Caleb really had fun in the ball pit!

This was Braden’s punishment for making unwise decisions (like jumping in to the revolving door at the last second)–a piggyback ride for Zhou! 

Before the babies arrived, we went on a boat tour. 

Then the time arrived! Caston did great! He has hardly cried at all, and he even reached for me from time to time.

Caleb has handled it all well too. Here he is offering to share the stacking cups with Caston. Our boy is bigger than we had imagined. He is very similar in size to Caleb. 

After dinner, Braden and I headed out alone for a little dessert.
We bathed the littles and got them to bed relatively easily tonight. Fingers crossed for good sleep for all! Tomorrow, we will head back to civil affairs and finalize Caston’s adoption. 

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