Last night, I was so tired, I could hardly compose a blog post. I kept falling asleep at the iPhone keyboard. We all stayed awake until 9 pm and went to bed. I had the best night of solid sleep that I’ve ever had in China…five and a half blissful hours. This is phenomenal compared to my nightly catnapping last year. I was even able to nod back off, in and out again until 4:45 am.

We rose early this morning to leave for Caston’s foster home by 6:30 am. On the trip there, I began a mini journal on my phone before Caleb wiggled over to my lap. 

We’re heading a couple of hours southeast of our hotel in Beijing. Kevin and I are sitting together enjoying a strong cup of coffee while the boys are hanging out together in the seat next to us. I hope Caleb has finally grown tired of the freedom he has on the bus. It has been a bit of a challenge to keep him from running up and down the aisle. 

I have such a strange calmness about meeting Caston today. Maybe it’s because I feel like this adoption is so much more of an act of obedience as opposed to my own desperation when we were in process for Caleb. I am not nearly the fumbling, nervous mess that I was last time. I do have much more of a sad anticipation though because I knew what I’m about to see. Motherless and fatherless babies and children who don’t know life outside of institutionalization. 
Yeah, the calmness left the building as soon as we passed through the gates to the grounds of the foster home. My chest got tight, and I began getting teary eyed. 

As soon as we entered the house, I began scanning the room for Caston. Even though I expected it having seen the same thing with Caleb, I was still taken aback a little by how young he seemed. He is still crawling, and he just sort of melts into your arms when you pick him up. However, he is bigger than we expected. The “little” brother aspect is in question now. I think maybe they will need to share clothes! 

Caston is absolutely precious. He seemed to like us, and he even reached for me as we were leaving. The nannies laughed and said, “Mama!” Caleb was neither jealous nor impressed. They were both on my lap together for about 10 seconds. I asked who the baby was, and Caleb replied, “Bang Bang!” (Caston’s Chinese name). Then he was off again to play again before I could get a picture. 

We all interacted with the children and babies while we were there. One little boy took a particular interest in Kevin and wanted his attention. Braden played with them and offered toys. Our time there passed quickly, and before we knew it, it was time to leave. I feel ok about it though. Only two more days, and we will see him again. This time, it will be a bittersweet meeting, knowing that he is leaving everything he has known behind.

We headed back to Beijing to the pearl market and then had lunch at Peking Duck restaurant, where Caleb was the center of attention. The nai nais (grandmothers) at the table next to us were giving Caleb candy and clamoring for his attention. It was hilarious!

After lunch we went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It has been a really long day, and again, we are fighting to make it until bed time. Tomorrow, we will leave Beijing and fly to Nanjing, where we will finally get our babies on Monday!

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