This morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the hotel with Zhou and our travel group, and then we headed to the jade factory. We saw some beautiful hand carved pieces.

We even found polar bears. Go Jackson!

Next we went to the Great Wall. Bless our little Braden. He carried his brother almost the entire way up!

It would not have been complete without a tantrum atop the Great Wall. Hungry and tired are always a bad combination!

We had a delicious family style lunch together before heading out to Olympic Park in Beijing. 

We are all pretty wiped out tonight. We are hoping to go to bed by 9:00 if we can make it that long! 

Tomorrow, we will leave at 6:30 am to go to our baby boy’s foster home, which is a couple of hours away. We won’t be able to get Caston tomorrow, as we must do that in the capital city of his home province, but we feel so very blessed to see where he has lived and meet his caregivers. Hopefully, when we do meet again on Monday, he will at least be a little familiar with us! 

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