I woke up today with a sense of excitement. Not only were we packing and taking a three hour van ride to Hong Kong, but we also got a change of scenery with a new hotel. It takes very little to excite us these days. One final pic before we headed out. No goodbyes. Til next time, China!

Zhou picked up Caston’s passport and visa and sent us on our way.

The ride was uneventful until we got to the Hong Kong border. As we went through the first station to exit China, the guard looked at us strangely, kept our passports, and waved us out of line. Our driver spoke the bare minimum of English and couldn’t communicate what was going on. We drove around to the back of a building, and our driver started taking out all our luggage. “All in,” he told us, and he pointed to an empty room. I was getting nervous, because the dude kept all our passports and clearly thought something was up. I was thankful though that if we had any problems, at least our flight was the next day. Surely we wouldn’t be stuck there.

Finally, another employee who spoke English came in and told us it was just a random security check. They scanned all our bags and sent us on our way. Whew!

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