We woke up bright and early today, not because we had to, but because we were ready to get Day 15 started. We had a short video call with the girls and my mom before we left for the airport.

Once we boarded the plane, we were informed that because of bad weather, there was not a safe route for us to take. Therefore we could not depart Hong Kong. After an hour and a half delay sitting in the plane, we were finally cleared for take off. Our fourteen and a half trip home had just turned to sixteen brutal hours confined to an airplane seat.

All in all, the flight went really well after some initial wicked turbulence. The babies were able to sleep for a bit, and I watched a total of five movies. Oh my.

We made it to Chicago with a very short time to connect because of our delay in Hong Kong. To our great dismay, we missed our flight home. We gave it our best effort, practically running people over to make it to our gate. And, we did, in fact, make it before the plane left. However, they had closed the plane door and would not allow us to board. Fortunately, Kevin got us rebooked for the next flight out, and we landed safely HOME at 9:35 pm Friday night with a crowd of friends and family waiting to greet us. 

So blessed.

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  1. He is looking better and sweeter with your Mama Brandie touch. Hair, smile, clothes, total Phillips boy in just a few days… the 24/7 one room living must do it…

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