This morning, we had our appointment at the US Consulate. We’ve completed the China side of our adoption. This appointment was the final step here to obtain Caston’s visa to travel home. Before we adopted Caleb, I always perceived that this was a big important ordeal. People bought special outfits for this appointment, and they took pics outside of the building. In fact, it is very much like a trip to the DMV, except there is a small play area for children. You take a number, and you are called up to various windows at different times. The fun part though is that I knew almost every family in the room via Facebook! 
As of Day 14, we’re running out of steam here, folks. We have explored all of Shamian Island. We have done all the touristy things. We have gone to the mall a few times. I am completely burned out on all the butchered spellings on t-shirts. This one must be a good one. I saw it in a store, as well as on a couple of people here.

We’re all just ready to be home. 

While the babies napped, Kevin and Braden went back to the electronics market (oh my word). They also went to buy a suitcase to haul all our extra junk home. Tomorrow, we get to pack up our stuff and head to Hong Kong. We will spend one night there before our flight out on Friday!  We are ready!

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