Today, we visited the Guangzhou zoo. All the babies did pretty well. Caleb was interested in all the animals, and he enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk everywhere this morning. 

Kevin and Braden went out again this afternoon while Caleb napped. Until now, we’ve had the boys’ naps in sync, but today has made our schedule a little crazy. I got to spend some one on one time with Caston with no distractions (and no two year old brother snatching things from his hands). We’ve added another person to our party here…the green eyed monster named Jealousy. Caleb has been the star of the show for the past year, and he’s not too thrilled about sharing the spotlight. He’s had his very sweet moments, holding Caston’s bottle and even hugging him a couple of times, but we’re also hearing, “No, Casty! Mine!!!” quite a bit. The Gerber puffs that have been shunned for a year now are now the piece de resistance, a culinary gem that Caleb has hoarded since we first offered them to Caston. It’s fine though. Caston wants nothing to do with them!

Tonight, we went to a Chinese restaurant with Zhou. We never feel quite confident ordering Chinese alone here. We are easy to please, but I can’t stomach a chicken foot in my noodles. We play it safe by letting Zhou do all our ordering! 

After dinner, we went to the top floor of the deck where saw some amazing views of Guangzhou.

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