Have we done this before? Braden caught this candid moment as we were waiting to depart for our flight from Cleveland to Chicago. The first flight went smoothly for about an hour, but after I told Caleb firmly for the 25th time not to kick the seat in front of us, he melted down big time. The remaining half hour of our flight and deplaning time was torture. I mean for those around us. Fourth kid. We’ve been doing tantrums for almost 14 years now. I joked with passengers around us to ease the tension.

He’s the happiest kid ever at home!

Sorry, guys! We’ve tried everything!

Hopefully you’re not flying to Beijing today! *big smile*

Most passengers were very gracious, but one guy four rows back kept giving us the evil eye. Oh well, Grouchasauras Rex, you were two years old once as well. I’m sure you weren’t always an adorable cherub. 

We had a short layover in Chicago, and then we boarded our flight to Beijing. Caleb happily got in the  car seat and started watching Mickey Mouse. He does not normally roll in a pink car seat. We decided to take Waverly’s old seat with the intention of ditching it once we got to Beijing. (Don’t tell her though. Because girls. Bless her.) Good plan since he spent  roughly 10-11 hours of the trip in my lap. The car seat took up valuable cubic feet of wiggle room. 

He fell asleep for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, one of those hours was eaten up by passenger boarding and a delay. When he woke up, he was in full blown meltdown again. After an hour of screaming, he returned to normal happy little Caleb, and all was well. Braden was separated from us for the whole flight as we could only get three seats together. He took it all in stride though, befriending those next to him and working on schoolwork. 

We made it to Beijing around 5:00 pm and found the rest of our travel group, Laurie & Jason and Emily & Dan. Both families live within a couple of hours of us. Yay! Zhou arrived shortly and we hopped in our van to the hotel. After chatting with Granny and the girls, we headed out to dinner. Reliving old times, we hit up the same restaurant where we ate with Josh and Danielle last year. 

After dinner Kevin, Braden, Caleb and I strolled around Beijing checking out the area. It feels familiar; it feels a little crazy to be back; and it feels like part of my heart is home. 

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  1. So very excited for you guys! Looking forward to your future posts!!! I hope Mike wasn’t the Grouchasauras Rex!!! 😉

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