I’ve been horribly horrible at updating Caleb’s progress. Kids are total time suck! Who knew? It’s been crazy busy since school started back. Here’s a quick update of what nine months at home looks like:

  • Caleb is almost 22 months old.
Photo courtesy of SimplyTold Photography
  • Caleb is very mobile now. He is all over the place! And I mean literally everywhere. He can run now. He can walk up and down stairs holding a hand. He’s still so tiny and the stairs are big! He can crawl up and down the stairs alone. Thank goodness. I was wondering how I would haul two of them up and down the stairs!
  • He is attending Mommy and Me gymnastics. He hates circle time and warm ups. He just wants to GO.
  • He is a climber. I have given up on keeping him off the bench at the kitchen table. It would require me being at the table all day shooing him away. He thinks he just as big as the rest of them!

    Caleb gets so excited when our neighbor comes over.
  • He repeats everything, and he uses words in the appropriate context. He tells me that the fireplace is hot and that snow is cold. He understands absolutely everything we say. However, if he doesn’t like what he’s hearing (“Get off the table!”), he suddenly cannot comprehend the English language.
  • He is so loving! When Waverly gets hurt and starts crying, he runs over to hug her and give her pats on the back. He’s always been a cuddler, and we all love that about him.
  • He is becoming more independent. Up until about a month ago, he still let me feed him all his meals. Suddenly, HE has to do it. If I don’t let him, he refuses to eat!

    Open wide, dude. That’s a big scoop of oatmeal.
  • He is still crazy about his siblings, and he loves, loves, loves his Daddy. I truly can’t imagine him as an only child in a quiet family. He’s so full of life (and noise). He loves to be chased, tickled, and tackled. He is amazing at cheer stunts and wrestling.
    These people. How did I get so lucky?

    So there you have it! In nine months, he has totally blossomed into a lively, adorable almost-two-year-old…tantrums and all. I think we’ll keep him though.

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