Tick, tock, tick, tock…can you hear us counting down the minutes? I can’t believe I just typed Day THIRTEEN. I feel like we have moved into this hotel room.

We had nothing planned for today, except to meet Zhou at 5:30 to pick up the visas. We hung out in the hotel room this morning. The shopping has been done. We have explored the island. All that’s left to do is pack. We watched the odd Russian family staying here clear out the breakfast buffet for the last time. Every morning, a family of five loads up their table to create their own buffet. One of them gets a plate of a dozen or so eggs; one gets a half a dozen bananas; one clears the bacon server. This continues until the table is almost overflowing with food. It has been quite amusing to observe!

We all crossed the bridge and went to the shopping mall for lunch at Frypan Chicken and Beer upon Kelly and Pat’s recommendation. Kevin tried to order a small basket of grilled chicken and a large basket of fried chicken. He was told, “No,” and when our order arrived, this is what we got.

Two large plates of fried chicken. China…this us how they do. We order food, and they give us what they want. We all found it hilarious that they gave us plastic gloves so that we didn’t get grease on our fingers. Here’s our lovely hand model, Pat, eating fried chicken China style.


Afterward, we went to the grocery store with Josh, Danielle, and Benny. We were successful in our rice cereal purchase today, mainly because Kevin went into stealth mode while the rest of us created a distraction in the baby aisle. I can’t be sure, but I think the lady was telling me that Caleb needs a haircut. Kevin caught up with us a few aisles over; mission accomplished.

Danielle almost bought a rice cooker, but the selection was vast and too overwhelming for her.

(I actually do own a rice cooker, but there was a selection of exactly one at Kohl’s.)

Here’s an interesting sight we came upon on our way back to the hotel. There was construction and massive digging right around this tree. Might want to grab your clothes, folks! And rewash them.


If you’re visiting Shamian Island (Sara!!!), check out Peter’s Place, just down the street from Lucy’s. There are lots of souvenir shops here. Peter and his wife Jenny are so incredibly nice. They have two kids, an eleven year old daughter and a 3 year old son. Jenny was pictured on my blog a few days ago.



This afternoon while Caleb napped we began packing.


Our bathtub laundry in Nanjing was a success. There’s something about the Guangzhou water that, well, whew! We’re going to have one bag of just dirty/Guangzhou laundered clothes. I don’t want to open that bag when we get home. It’s going to smell like the luggage trailer for the middle school church trip after they’ve been gone to camp for a week.

Late this afternoon, we met with Zhou to discuss final travel plans. What looks like an impromptu poker game below is the families doing business with the bank of Zhou, exchanging for our last needed Chinese currency.


The babies played while we met. Sweet Lia, Jamie and Matt’s daughter, lives close by too! Yay for future play dates!


We made a final trek to the electronics superstore, and came back to get Caleb ready for bed. This boy loves a bath!

Tonight Kevin and I enjoyed a romantic dinner of leftover chicken, Pringles, 7-11 ramen noodles, and Gatorade.

I am over food. The only thing I want when I get home is an entire head of lettuce, which I will eat as if it were an apple. Our food lust has become insane. (Fresh veggies and fruits are discouraged because the water used to clean them is not as purified as ours in the US.) I can’t wait for a salad.

This is my final blog post from China. It’s a bit bittersweet. We have only one more sleep until we board a plane for home. I am so ready to officially be a family of SIX!

Thank you for following our journey so far. Good night from China!


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: China Day Thirteen

  1. thank you for sharing this part of life. From the very beginning you allowed us all into your life. Many have prayed for this Angle that we all have grown to love just from the pictures you have shared the last six months or so.

    Now we pray for your safe travel home. Fit the safe travel of all your family and friends to the airport to meet you.

    This little boy has no clue how Lucky he is yet.

    Congratulations to you Brandy and your previous family. God has blessed this child so much by allowing you to become his family.

    Cannot wait to meet him

    Ms Patti

  2. Good night. We’re in route to WI. After 3 months in AZ. Our last sleep is in Iowa.
    Bad weather in Kansas (tornado season) pushed us to drive 14 hours today and well past Wizard of Oz Land….
    Your adventure in China makes our life so pale. Your Caleb is so sweet and handsome. I think you are the most special couple… your enthusiasm and love for children is so full of Gods graces…. he’ll bless you and your children every day. For your extra efforts.

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