We left bright and early at 7:30 to go to our US Embassy appointment. This was our final step to get Caleb’s visa in order to travel back home. Here’s a pictorial recap.

Psyc! No phones or cameras are allowed in the US Embassy.  It was killing me. I wanted pictures of signs, families, and the lady that gave us the green light for Caleb’s visa. I wanted to check the time 400 different times. I realized that I have no concept of the passage of time. At one point, I asked Branson, Jamie and Matt’s son, for the time, and it was 10:38. We were all sure it had it be around noon or after.

So back to the US Embassy. Security was serious there. Parents had to drink their babies’ formula or milk to prove that it wasn’t something hazardous. Ladies had to apply lipstick that was carried in their purses. The office where we all went that processes the adoption visas was very much like the DMV. Take a number and wait. They called all the adoptive families up at once to take an oath that all the information on our children’s visa applications was true and accurate. Then they called our numbers, shuffled our papers, frowned as if something was wrong (deploy panic mode) and then passed our paperwork back. We waited again for our names to be called. Kevin was fingerprinted. We were asked about Caleb’s medical condition and my maiden name,  and then we were congratulated on our adoption. The visa will be ready for pickup tomorrow afternoon. I got to meet my Facebook friend Sandra from Kentucky while we were waiting. We met on a FB adoption group, and she’s been at our hotel the whole time!

Three of the families had 8:30 appointments, and the other two were at 10:00, so Zhou took those of us who were finished to a coffee shop while we waited for the other families. Then we came back to the hotel.

Caleb woke up way too early from his nap screaming today, which is completely unlike him, so I sat down on the couch with him and Kevin. We played Laurie Berkner songs on my phone and sang to him to calm him down. At some point, Caleb lay down on my chest and fell back asleep, but Kevin and I didn’t realize it. We finished the Laurie Berker album and sang halfway through my A Little Mandarin album before we made the realization. I’m sure our hotel neighbors love us. Although we cannot carry a tune, we definitely get an “A” for effort and volume.

For those keeping up with the Phillips’ poop saga, we have an update! Smart Daddy decided to double diaper Caleb (size 2 covered by a size 3), and the results have been phenomenal.

Tonight we had our final dinner as a group. (For the record, I thought I was ready for Chinese again after last week’s illness. I was not.)

 Caleb loved the noodles.

Tomorrow, Zhou will pick up the babies’ visas, and we will all pack to go home!


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  1. What an amazing adventure& endings with a beautiful little boy. Talked with Doris this morning she is excited. I know it is going to be a big homecoming . Have a safe trip . Love y’all

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