We had no plans until late afternoon, so we spent some time with the kids on FaceTime again this morning. Braden has this weird little green spot on his screen that we nicknamed Baby Alien. It provided quite a bit of entertainment. I think Braden could be  a Marvel character with this look. What  do you think?


We had a late breakfast with Zhou, and then we went out exploring with Danielle, Josh, and Benny. We went to an area that sells massive electronic gadgets and accessories.

Imagine a mall kiosk times 10,000. I have no idea how they stay in business. All the independent shops have almost the same merchandise. Apparently there is a huge market because while we were there, people kept bringing in more and more inventory.

Caleb and Benny power napped in their strollers while the grown ups window shopped and observed. We came back to the island and had lunch at Subway. Look, you guys. Look what I found.


For this Gatorade, I have prayed. Not really, but seriously…there is a God, and he loves me. A cold yellow Powerade/Gatorade was the one thing I told my mom I wanted at the airport when we get home on Thursday.

We ate lunch in the room. We are having a lot of fun introducing new foods to Caleb. “Hey, Caleb! It’s mayonnaise! Want a bite of pickle? How about a chip?” He hasn’t met a food that he doesn’t like.

While he napped, Kevin and I did laundry, China style. He hand washed in the sink with All pods and Dawn. (It felt like the right combo.) I rinsed and wrung dry in the tub. A little Febreeze, and we were set.

Zhou took us sightseeing tonight which included the jade market, street food markets, the pet market, and the pearl market.

These worms are a delicacy. Get your checkbook. $7,500 per pound or something like that.

We also saw a Buddhist temple, where our child had yet another blowout diaper. Almost every poop is an event, requiring a bath and laundry. Zhou gave us the green light to change him at the temple so we stripped Caleb down in front of Buddha and everybody. Thank goodness for the burning incense and for the mini trash bags (aka emergency puke bags…see Day Seven) I had stashed in my purse.

We ended our night at Lucy’s with most of the group.

And now, I will leave you tonight with a post bath baby burrito.

Tomorrow while our paperwork is being shuffled, we will visit the Guangzhou Zoo.

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  1. So much traveling fun. Sounds like Caleb eats it all… but, you suffer the consequence. Poo machine… fun … only days from home… Yipee for the kids.

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