We started day nine by FaceTiming the kids. The girls, as usual, started off the conversation with, “I wanna see Caleb!” I can’t wait until we get home and they meet him. He is going to go nuts over his brother and sisters! I miss hearing the day to day stuff that’s going on with them. We get to talk a couple of times a day but it’s just not the same as snuggling them and talking.

We had Caleb’s medical appointment today. This is required of all adopted children in order to get a Chinese visa to go to the US. First we had his visa photo taken. Bless him. Chinese babies are to be bundled at all times, and our sweaty little baby can barely handle the mid 70’s. We better plan for pool days or indoor activities when we visit Mississippi in the summer.

Just when I thought he couldn’t be any cuter!

We went to three stations for the medical: measurement, ENT, and general screening. Caleb is 27 inches long and weighs 19.14 pounds. More than we were expecting!

He did really well through the whole appointment. Fortunately, he is still at the age where he can be distracted with a squeaky toy or an off key rendition of the ABC song.

While we were waiting for the other families to finish, Caleb had a little play time with Cameron, Kelly and Pat’s son. Caleb and Cameron were already buddies in the orphanage. They live only 40 minutes away. I’m so thankful that the boys can grow up close by!


Caleb’s like, “Are you seriously letting this kid steal my cups, Dad?”

Here’s a little gem for you. The medical center has a wine vending machine in the lobby. Our appointments were not so stressful as to cause us to turn to alcohol at 11:00 am.

After we returned to the hotel, Caleb napped, and Kevin went out to pick up lunch. Kevin and I are both great cooks. We have eaten many meals at fabulous restaurants. Still this meal will forever rank as one of the best meals OF MY LIFE.

Again, it’s food I rarely eat at home. I might buy Doritos a couple of times per year, but today I had a spiritual experience, folks. The heavens opened, and the angels sang. If I had seen the face of Jesus on one of those Doritos, I would have eaten it anyway. It was THAT GOOD.

Speaking of food, when we were FaceTiming the kids this morning, it was their dinner time. Braden was eating a sloppy joe while he was talking to us. In a weak moment, I may or may not have admitted my willingness to trade one of my children for a sloppy joe. Shhh. Don’t tell our adoption agency! (Hello, Chris and Zhou! I’m totally kidding! Or am I…)

This afternoon after filling out some visa paperwork, Kevin, Caleb, and I went out for a stroll around Shamian Island. We took the bridge across the street and went to the grocery store where we attempted to buy rice cereal. This went off without a hitch in Nanjing. However, there was a baby aisle attendant who yelled across the store and removed the box from our hands. She put it back and gave us the price sticker from the shelf. We attempted a game of charades to show our intent to purchase which failed miserably, and we left without rice cereal. No worries. Caleb has plenty of food. More on that later.

Our shopping ended abruptly upon the discovery of a massive poop that reached Caleb’s shoulder blades, which resulted in his second bath of the day and a hefty dose of Febreeze. We then met up with Josh, Danielle, and Benny to have dinner at Lucy’s, an American themed restaurant on the island.

Caleb and Benny are unimpressed with our antics.

This baby can EAT! He consumed at least the same amount of spaghetti that I did. He loved it. When we get home, I will definitely get him on table foods soon.

Ok, so the next photo needs a little preface. Guangzhou is the unofficial land of selfies. And those who are not taking selfies are posing for someone to take a pic of them. I’m sure we have inadvertently photo bombed at least a dozen people during our 24 hours here. So when in Rome (or Guangzhou as the case may be) do as the Romans do! Here’s Danielle pensively admiring a tree. I tried to get her to pose for a picture of her taking a selfie, but she had too much pride.

We have a day of downtime tomorrow, as no offices are open to process our paperwork, so we will go souvenir shopping.

And I miss my kids. A lot. That is all.

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  1. Shop till you drop. (Hope the poo explosions are more controlled with proper US made diapers.) He is so adorable… and even his hair style shows he’s switching to’ Phillips man’ already.

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