The bonus of chronic jet lag is that I have plenty of time to blog and catch up on Facebook. I was up at 1:00 am for the day. It’s crazy though that I’m just not tired during the day! I’ve got to figure out how to keep this going once we get home.

Caleb slept 12 solid hours last night. Unbelievable. We put him in his crib at 7 pm, and he cruised around for about five minutes before he flopped down, popped his thumb in his mouth, and fell asleep. He woke up happy and met Waverly via FaceTime first thing. He’s not too impressed with the phone. He absolutely loves the stacking cups though, and he plays with them frequently. He also got to see MeMe, Papaw, Uncle Russ, Aunt April, and cousin Grant.

We went to breakfast with our group at 8:00. Caleb had some eggs and pancake in addition to his morning bottle. He quickly figured out how to climb out of the high chair. We might have another Waverly on our hands.

We came back to the room to FaceTime the kids again and tell them goodnight before we left for the adoption center at 9:00.

Caleb fell asleep again on the bus and slept through half of his adoption proceedings. He was unimpressed. We all had to put our right thumbprints on the paperwork, and he didn’t even wake up!



As of this morning, Caleb is officially a Phillips! Hopefully he’s ok with it since he’s stuck with us now.

Afterward, we went to Carrefour, a supermarket chain. Until yesterday, Caleb had never been in a store. Today, we had a crash course in grocery store etiquette. Baby sits in cart and eats puffs while Mommy shops. He will do well henceforth.

We also found a new food to try. Guess what’s for dinner, kids!

Just kidding, kids. We only bought diapers.

Caleb took a nap this afternoon, and we checked out the mall again. Then we had dinner with two other families. It’s so funny to see the difference in Caleb out in public versus in the hotel room. When we’re out, he is very reserved, taking everything in. When it’s just us in the hotel room, he is loud and busy. He babbles and laughs, and crawls and cruises everywhere. I think he’ll have a big personality!


We facetimed Granny, Braden, and Annalise again tonight, and Caleb clapped when he saw them. He’s going to have so much fun being a Phillips kiddo!


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: China Day Five

  1. So wonderful to see Caleb Phillips ! Thank you for your pictoral blog. He is so happy and content with you as his parents. He loves being close to you all the time. Not left as with his caregivers before tending to several or many children at once. So surprised he recognizes his sibblings… must be the many previous videos and photos sent.
    You did the right precursors to his long distance adoption preps ! ! !

  2. He is a beautiful little baby. Just wait until he gets around those Phillips kiddos, he will have a ball..

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