This morning, we headed to the Guangzhou Zoo. The weather wasn’t too bad, 82 and cloudy but it is quite humid here. Caleb fell asleep shortly after we arrived and missed out on quite a few animals. He woke up for the rhinos.

Branson and Ben each fed the giraffe.

Caleb was more interested in his puffs.

Caleb spent some time with Uncle Zhou on the bus ride home. This guy loves babies!

Side note and fun fact for you. These are the typical restrooms in China. Our potties are referred to as western toilets. Fortunately, I have not had to resort to the use of the squatty potty. I fear the outcome. This is a restroom at the zoo.

This afternoon, Kevin and I did some shopping on the island. This lovely lady drives a hard bargain!

Tonight, Zhou offered to take us to a place for a foot massage. We had a blast chatting and laughing. The massage was fabulous, yet sometimes painful.  Once I conveyed to the girl that she could not massage the middle of my foot we were all good. I am so ticklish!

It’s so hard to believe that we’ve only had Caleb for ONE WEEK as of today. It’s like he’s ways been with us! We were looking back at our Gotcha Day videos and pictures, and I feel like he has changed so much. Seven days ago, he was a timid little baby who impressed us by his ability to bang some cups together, and now his personality has completely blossomed. He plays a mean game of peekaboo, and he giggles in anticipation when I say, “I’m…gonnnnnna…get him, get him, get him!” He has found his voice, and it is loud. He has made the cut to be in the Phillips family. We are a bunch of noisy oysters.

Tomorrow, we leave for our consulate appointment at 7:30 am. This is our final step in getting Caleb’s visa so we can come HOME!

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: China Day Eleven

  1. Love your posts. Caleb is adorable! Praying for safe travels home!

  2. So exciting… and such special events for Caleb to read about and see about his bonding with his parents in his homeland. May all go well at the consolate and your travel home… Oh my… that is tomorrow! Already… He soon willl have the joy of meeting 2 big sisters and a brother and seeing how much they love the same 2 parents… and Caleb…their baby brother… God Bless you with safe travels… and a big changing mat wherever you go. Hahaha.

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