Today I spent most of the morning recuperating from yesterday’s bug. We just hung out in the room until it was time to meet for the bus at 1:40. On the bus ride to the airport, Zhou gave us our babies’ Chinese passports.



We flew from Nanjing to Guangzhou where we will end our stay in China. I can’t wait to unpack all these suitcases and organize everything! We’re staying at the Victory Hotel, a popular spot for adoptive families. I hope we run into some other families I’ve met on Facebook during our stay in Guangzhou.

Caleb was a wild man on the flight. He was only still when he was snacking, so we went through quite a few puffs on the trip. He was very good…just very active! It’s apparent he’s becoming more comfortable with Kevin and me. Instead of sitting in his one little spot and playing with his stacking cups, he’s all over the room now. He is fascinated by the electrical cords in the hotel room. Kevin said the first thing he has to do when we get home is babyproof. Ha! He tried to take a couple of steps tonight, but he’s not quite there yet.

Tomorrow, we all have medical appointments for our babies (required in order to get his visa). Then we will explore Shamian Island.


Nighty night!


2 thoughts on “Dear  Diary: China Day Eight

  1. Such happy news and he is so content and happy with you. It shows you and he are glowing….

  2. So sorry you had a bug but glad you are better. So glad that everything is going pretty well for you . Give Caleb a hug for us….

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