Jet lag, I’m ready to break up. I was up from 12:30-4:00 am and then awake again at 5:45. I am thankful to the Holy Trinity that Starbucks Via exists and that I had the good sense to pack it. We were able to FaceTime the kids this morning before we left for the day. Everyone is doing well. We are so thankful for hotel Wifi. I can’t imagine not seeing my babies for 2 weeks!

We went to the jade factory this morning, it was so cool to see the person carving the pieces.  There were many beautiful (pricey!) pieces of art and jewelry.

We had our own, ahem, personal shopping assistant that followed us very closely. It was very Me and My Shadow. I am unclear whether we appeared to be A) big spenders looking to drop a fat wad of cash, or B) petty thieves who hoped to pocket some small spoils. It became a game of  “Can I lose her?” where Kevin and I would split up to see which one she would follow. Her boundary was the bathroom.

After jade shopping, we went to the Great Wall. It’s A LOT of steps, people. The roughest part of it is that there is not a standard measure for the stairs. Some have a 2 inch rise, and some have a 4 inch rise, and some a 16 inch rise.  It was definitely a workout!  

Next we toured a place that makes enamelware. The process is tedious. Copper pots, vases, and other items are made by hand. It is a several step process that requires the application of copper wire to form a stencil, and then the enamel powder is mixed with water to be painted on by hand. The designs are so intricate! 

We had a great family style lunch and then headed to Olympic Park. As we posed for a group photo one guy jumped in the picture with us, which then entailed several others joining in. Before we knew it, we had quite a following. A dozen or so people were taking our pictures with friends and strangers intermingled with our group. It was hilarious! Kevin wore one of their hats and posed for a picture.


We should probably credit this experience to Savannah, the niece of one of our adoptive families, who looks far cooler than any of the moms and dads in our travel group. We think everyone assumed she is famous!

Tomorrow (which is actually just a few hours for us…we can’t sleep), we will visit Tiananmen Square, do some other sightseeing and shopping, and then fly to Nanjing where we will meet Caleb on Monday!

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