I didn’t sleep well Sunday night. My mind was racing as I thought about my early flight to Mississippi the next morning where we would celebrate the life of my last grandparent, my stepdad’s mother, Clara Faye. I made mental note of the fact that the CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption) offices had opened again for the first full weekday back after a week long shutdown for a computer upgrade. The wind was howling with 30 mph gusts that continually woke me. During that night of broken sleep, I had a vivid dream.

I wasn’t at home. I was in a rather small office building in a room with a printer. I was unclear why I was there. The scenery was not at all familiar. The room was blandly decorated with sparse furnishings. I began looking around to determine my purpose for being there when the printer hummed to life. I looked at each page that came out. First, it was Caleb’s referral information: pages of medical records in English and Chinese. The printer was working quickly. I grabbed page after page to put them in the correct order.  I watched in anticipation as the printer continued to eject black and white documents. Next came pictures of Caleb, and then our Letter of Intent to Adopt. I was confused. There seemed to be no computer near by sending the documents to the printer. I got everything in order and began searching for a stapler when the printer started again. I walked back over as a piece of paper slowly worked its way through the printer. There were Chinese characters and some English words dispersed throughout. I couldn’t make out the text. Finally the printer was almost finished with the page when I saw the beginning of a bright red seal on the document. It dawned on me that it was our Letter of Seeking Confirmation from Adopter.

Side note: This is the letter that we have been waiting for since the day we saw Caleb’s sweet face. It’s a document from China that states we are officially matched with Caleb. All we have to do is check the box that says, “We accept.” The typical wait for this document is 60-90 days. My fervent prayer  for months has been, “Please, Lord, please, just let us get this paperwork before Christmas, and if Christmas isn’t possible, then please, PLEASE before the CCCWA shuts down.” As the 60 day mark passed, my emotions jumped all over the place…ever hopeful that it would arrive any day and utter sorrow when another work day ended and we didn’t have good news. I watched on Facebook as others along my same timeline received their paperwork, and each day, I created more “worst case scenarios” of why our paperwork wasn’t here. For some reason, I decided, his file had been pulled and he was not available for adoption. I dreamed that our paperwork had never been logged in at all. I imagined our dossier being mysteriously lost during the upcoming computer upgrade. Every day that passed brought on new fears of us not getting Caleb. Christmas came and went with my prayer unanswered. The day came for the computer upgrade, and my prayer, still, was unanswered. I kept repeating to myself, “God’s timing, not mine,” as I tried not to be sad. When the calendar page turned to 2015 though, my attitude changed. It was 2015!!! Even though things hadn’t happened on my timeline, it was 2015, and Caleb would be coming home to us THIS YEAR!!!

Now back the the present. The dream was fuzzy in my brain as I woke up Monday morning. I didn’t think very much about it as I had to get on a plane soon and leave my babies for a couple of days. My time in Mississippi passed quickly with the funeral and with visiting with people I hadn’t seen in quite some time. On Tuesday afternoon, January 6, as I was getting ready to leave, my phone rang. It was Chris, the China coordinator at our adoption agency calling to tell me that the letter we had been waiting for was in her hand. It was day 82 of our wait.



China said yes. And, God said yes too. Through all my prayers and tears, things were happening on the other side of the world, and I didn’t even know it. Look at the date stamp on the seal. December 26. If my information is correct, this was printed on the last day of work at the CCCWA before the shut down.


God is faithful, ever faithful. From a faith standpoint, I needed to break a little so I would lean on him more. It is his desire that we would come to him in our time of need, that we would talk to him and tell him our fears and ask for his help. That’s what I do with my kids. And we’re all just his kids. I can just see him going, “See, I told you I was FOR YOU.”

And now, I am so very pleased to inform you that yesterday, we sent this beautiful piece of paper along with our I-800, Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative (the sheer name of that document brings me to tears) to Texas so that the offices of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can approve Caleb to come to the United States as our SON!


One step closer, Caleb! Every little day is one step closer!

2 thoughts on “When Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. Oh Your Faith Will guide you…
    You have loved ones on earth and above rooting for you and for Caleb. Both families in 2 languages speaking to God in prayer for Caleb and for your family to be united….


  2. love you. Prayers being sent that your family of six will be here soon-all in good health.

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