Welcome to Mommy and the Mess Makers! I’ll be honest. It was a long labor. I decided to start this blog in late July. For exactly 12 minutes all three kids were quiet, and I knew the moment was right. I was delusional. Cue children wailing, hitting, crying, questioning, accusing, throwing, whining, and vomiting. (Ok, that last one was actually the cat). And this was all while trying to change the theme. It took me roughly three weeks of internet spurts lasting 3-5 minutes, but it’s done! Now, please ooh and ahh over the fact that I have changed the theme. The font is boring. Perhaps in 2015, I will carve out a day to figure that one out.

Why Mommy and the Mess Makers? I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for a couple of years, primarily because I often have more to say than Facebook wants me to. “See More” implies to me, “You should have stopped typing five sentences ago.” I was brainstorming blog names while cleaning up yogurt from the kitchen table. I also found smeared yogurt on the kitchen island, the sink, the trash can, the refrigerator door, the back door, the light fixture, and the leather couch. Meanwhile, a small army of ants was dutifully marching away with bagel crumbs, crushed Fruit Loops, and a small piece of bacon found beneath my kitchen table. And with that, a blog was born. I hope you enjoy the antics of the Mess Makers!

Want to know more? Here are the basics about Mommy and the Mess Makers.

One thought on “The Birth of a Blog

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog! Your life with mess makers seems so much like mine! And we wouldn’t change a thing!! So excited about your new baby boy!

    If you ever pass through England please drop by!!!

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