6:40 pm: We are in the car. With water. With a soccer ball. With chairs. Twenty minutes before the game starts. We sing in the car, and we rejoice because for once this season, we are early for a soccer game. We will plant our chairs firmly at the center of the soccer field sidelines for a perfect view of both goals, and Waverly will not be the last on the field to arrive during warm ups. WOOHOO!

6:48 pm: We pull in to the park. No worries girls! We’re early! You can leave the movie on for a few minutes! I brought a book!

6:49 pm: Wait. It’s 6:49. Why are there so many yellow t-shirts out there? Did they start warm ups early?

6:50 pm: We are 50 minutes late for the soccer game.

Let me tell you though, Waverly was ON FIRE for those last five minutes of her game. She totally blew away all those other 4 and 5 year olds who had been running for almost a solid hour before she arrived. God love her. It’s as if she didn’t even know that Mommy can’t keep it together. She did her team high fives, grabbed her water bottle, and said, “Well that was short! What are we having for dinner?”

Her sweet coach asked if she wanted to play in the following game.

photo (27)

See the lone yellow glow in the sea of blue and green? This caused mass confusion for the entire game. Waverly continually yelled to her new teammates, “Pass it to me! I AM ON YOUR TEAM, BLUE PEOPLE!” Parents were befuddled as well. Who is this child who showed up for our last game in the wrong color jersey? I started sinking into my chair a little in an attempt to hide until I looked at the other kids. At least three of them were wearing Crocs. One girl was in a skirt. Half of them weren’t wearing shin guards. (Buy the shin guards.They are cheap, and there is a total ambush of little feet to the legs.) One didn’t run across the field; she did forward rolls from one side to the other. One boy attached himself to the coach’s leg like a baby monkey.  None of us have it together, people. And it’s Pee Wee Soccer, for the love. Sometimes just showing up is enough.

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